Aircraft lighting issue on Xbox with custom FX for Landing/Taxi/Strobe vs. PC version working as intended

The Camair 480 Twin Navion by B4Gunner @ Hangar Studios 713 is the plane in
question. I have custom FX for the lighting in the exterior lights that work
great on the PC version, but on the Xbox version the lights do not project a
ray(beam) of light for the Landing/Taxi/Strobe(white) lights. The emissives
work fine on both platforms. The PC version works as intended, but do I need
to build an xbox only version so there is at least non custom FX lights
working in the simulator for the Xbox users? Am I the only one to have this
issue? Is it a known bug? And is there a fix coming if it is a known bug?
Pictures for reference - PC version 1st then Xbox below:

I am using custom effects and they work the same on Xbox and PC. Make your any
custom effect you doing is shipped directly with your product with the correct
references, it is possible your effects are being overridden by the VFS
causing anomalies. You will need probably to provide your package to Asobo so
they can investigate better. Best, Raul

Hello @b4gunner We were able to reproduce the issue and this is being
investigated. Regards, Sylvain

It’s been a few months, has there been something found as to why this is happening?

Here is a link to a video showing the issue - [Navion B Exterior Lighting Issue for Xbox.mp4 - Google Drive]

Who can I contact @Asobo to get this ball rolling?
Here is the PC Screenshot -

I found the solution. I don’t know what made me do this but I deleted my packages definition for the effects folder to be copied to the root folder and just moved the effects folder to my aircraft folder. Doing this my “effects” worked on PC, but not Xbox. Putting it back to how I originally had it and leaving it that way fixed it for both. Now my custom effects for all lighting work as intended. I tested it with my latest release version 1.0.2 and everything is working correctly.