Cameras Configuration

Dear Asobo, Is there any way to configure some external cameras under this
category? I can’t find any information about how… it seems the only way is to
create them as a show case using fixed on plane? is this correct?

I have a custom event on my
aircraft that triggers a camera change automatically via C++ code in WASM by
using the current Camera API commands (Camera state, index, etc.), however
after this finishes… what happens is, the user ends up in the “show case”
category and they keep pressing “S” trying to come back to the cockpit not
realizing they are pretty much in drone mode. So my preference would be now to
move these cameras to “External” so if they press S, they are back to the
cabin easily… preventing them being stuck… all beta testers are complaining
about this… so no doubt I will find issues if I release like that… it seems
it is not very user friendly having to open the camera menu to switch back to
the cockpit and most users don’t event know or setup a key binding for the
showcase / drone mode… more over, there is nothing visually that would alert
the user the camera is an external and the showcase binding / going to menu is
required to return to the internal view. I would love to see a better Camera
API… the lack of this is really preventing me from showcasing my product, I
need to rotate around my airplane, focus on parts automatically, etc. and it
would be even better if I could set my focus, etc. all via code. Thanks in
advance, Raul

Hello @Simbol , I understand your needs and as you know there is an idea about
a Camera API [here](
api.html). Feel free to add this feedback on it :wink: Regards, Boris

Hi Boris thanks, so currently I cannot add a camera in external at all? Thanks
for the quick response. Raul

Raul voted on that Camera API idea the day it was posted (the first day the
portal opened). I hope this one contributes further to the team reconsidering

@Boris, @FlyingRaccoon Just saw this on the release notes: Added an optional
settings to camera.cfg files allowing to change the distance between the
external camera and the plane.
How does this works? 1) Could I configure
all the external views to be further away from the aircraft without distorting
the view? 2) Normally we get the issue below when zooming out without
changing the POV distance, so this settings would prevent it?

3.- Is that setting per camera
entry, or all external views? 4.- is the setting per aircraft? or global?
Sorry for the insistence on this matter guys, I am packing my project for
Market Place submission and this is the key last issue to resolve preventing
the release, I am unable to set the external cameras as per my requirements
unless I use “Fixed Cameras” category, which are fixed to the plane so users
cannot move them and also leads to problems as described on my first post. I
am looking for alternatives at this point. Many thanks in advance for the
help. Regards, Raul

Is there any update on this? It would be great to have control over the
default external camera distance/zoom.