Cant move throttle lever after adding "OVERRIDE_ANIM_CODE"

Hi, I am unable to move the throttle levers with the mouse after adding.


I need this for the FADEC that my plane has. The throttle lever is being
manipulated by Inputevents and the FADEC controller sets that. Here is the full are
there any lines that i can add or different templates i can use to fix or
create the same effect?




thanks Tommy

This forum is for reporting SDK bugs and not so much how to use the templates.
There are forums for this. If you want to report a bug with this template you
would need to share all of your logic and code and from what I see here is
this not going to work. I have a question! Did you write your own input
logic? This template only has a specific UseInputEvent called You can also
call different conditions that use the same input event like for example
HAS_WEP OFF_GATE_POS AFTERBURNER_GATE_POS But they all use the same input and
this will fail to work if you change this value. Another issue is your Lvar
(L:INPUT_POWER_LEVER:1) does not have a unit like… percent But since this
template uses a Bvar for inputs you would have to use logic and a Bvar for
animation. Maybe explain what a the overall update you are trying to achieve.
As some of us may not know what a FADEC is.

I just wanna move the throttle levers after assigning an Lvar to them. that’s
it. Hosnestly at this point is probbaly easier to do my own throttle and
turbocharger simulation…

Hello, I’m sorry but you are wrong when you say: " This forum is for
reporting SDK bugs and not so much how to use the templates.

This forum is also about
developers helping each other, or asking Asobo clarification on how the sim
works, cf the

Hello @MrTommymxr By using after the “ASOBO_ENGINE_Lever_Throttle_Template”
template you will override the logic of the template, meaning the only thing
that will be able to change the position of the lever is your LVar. If you
want to be able to use the LVar & the mouse to move the lever you will need to
modify/rewrite the ASOBO_ENGINE_Throttle_SubTemplate that drive this
component. Best regards, Yohan