CARRIER FUNCTIONALITIES - Custom carrier...missing arrestor wires textures?

We are trying to replicate the Asobo carrier functionalities to make our own
carriers work… By editing the reference_points.cfg, we were able to have
working arrestor wires for the Super Hornet etc… but they have a very
strange appearance: basically their appearance is a ghostly “semitransparent”
blue with noise… our guess was that there were textures/materials missing.
So we tried by adding: AIRCRAFTCARRIER_METALROPE (albd, norm and comp of
course) to the package… but no luck. What is missing from our carrier to
have them look “right”?

It seems that the problem is also present in the Asobo carrier…

Just a “bump” to this as I have not seen any discussion on this point… there
is a problem in the arrestor wires material, and this affects third party
carriers too. Just in case this can be fixed for SU10…

@FlyingRaccoon Bump

Hello @Indiafoxtecho and @Rotorhead135 My apologies for not answering earlier.
This is an issue on our side, the materials assigned to the cables are
hardcoded. This is tracked and will be investigated. Regards, Sylvain

Stumbled to this post, was seeing about this. Is this documented in the SDK
the editing the reference_points.cfg for this to work for carriers?

Come on guys, please fix this material assignment.

Regards DHS

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