Center Tire Not Rotating

Hello Sylvain, Bruno and Team, I have a plane whose center tire refuses to
turn. I have a second version of it with float tires and they rotate fine.
Main gear wheels rotate fine. But the tail dragger version ‘tire’ at center
refuses to rotate. Have you heard of such a thing? Another plane I have made
had its rear tire attached to a ‘rudder’ animation. It spins fine. This new
one refuses to do this. I then linked it to a center_wheel animation, that
didnt work. I checked, no scrape points at same height as tire. I have looked
and looked for a reason for it not to work. This is a tail dragger aircraft.
Any thoughts? No scale, I tried using dummys instead of animated the parts, I
changed the names in the templates, I tried a separate Component section to
see if that would help, which has in the past with animations sharing names.
This didnt work. I have tried so many tricks and things. No spinning… To
make sure you understand, I am meaning the tire rotating on the ground, not
the steering animation. That works excellent. It did say it had an issue in
the ‘Behaviors’ panel, that it needed to be 360 Frames, it was at 100F like
the rest of the wheels. I made it 360, and still no spinning. I hope you know
what it might be. Bill LHC.