Changing the heading on multiple TaxiwayParking spaces only changes one TaxiwayParking space

Version: SU/AAU/WU XX - 1.XX.XX.X SU 15 - - SDK 0.24.3, though this has been observed in earlier versions, as well

Frequency: Once/Rarely/Frequently/Consistently Consistently

Severity: Low/High/Blocker Low: This is a nuisance, but the workaround is to simply adjust each TaxiwayParking space individually

Context: What package? In edition or mounted from Community? In main menu or in flight? etc… When using the Scenery Editor

Bug description:
The use case for rotating multiple parking spaces happens when you have a line of parking spots and you want them all to look uniform. So you line them up as well as you can, then you highlight all of the TaxiwayParking circles, and then you adjust the heading on all of them so that they’re uniformly facing the same direction.

Unfortunately, if you try to do this, it doesn’t work, and only one gets rotated. I believe that the only one that gets rotated is the first one that you highlighted.

I believe this to be a bug and not a feature request because editing other properties with multiple TaxiwayParking spaces highlighted works.

Repro steps:

  1. For ease of testing, I have a small project at 00AA airport. Download it and extract it somewhere on your hard drive.
  2. From the World Map, start a flight at 00AA airport in the only parking space available at the airport (the first two characters are zeros, not the letter O).
  3. From the SDK menu, open the test airport you downloaded and extracted in step 1.
  4. Highlight all three TaxiwayParking spots. (They’re very close to the parking space you spawned at.)
  5. In the Properties panel, edit the Heading field and give it some numeric value between 0 and 360. Click Enter.

Expected result:
All three TaxiwayParking spaces rotate.

Observed result:
Only one TaxiwayParking space rotates. I believe that the one that rotates is the first one that you highlighted. (See attached video.)


Download and extract this test airport to use in the repro steps: (7.6 KB)

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