Collision Mesh and taxi/driving under

Version: SU13 and earlier

Frequency: Consistently

Context/Description: Any collision mesh that is floating above ground prevents driving or taxiing below it

Repro steps: Drive/Taxi under collision mesh



Is that the same when using Collision shapes instead of collision materials (like for the pole there)?
I used collision shapes for my Powerlines, AI traffic vehicles traffic will climb them, but user (airplane) can dodge them very precisly!

Correct @mamudesign ; unfortunately, both implementations are flawed as each affects the traffic “type” differently.

I suppose what we are really after is a genuine floating collision area that does not affect physics unless directly interacted with. Planes, trains & automobiles should equally be able to enjoy the space around the collision(ed) area.

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I have the same problem, see photo, in the area indicated in the photo, below level 2 I cannot access. The problem is also encountered if you try to pass under a walkable bridge, so the cause is in the simulator that does not recognize overlapping contact points, while in FSX all this does not happen. I reported the issue almost a year ago but never got a response.

Best regards Caltabiano Nunzio (Voyager Sim Project)

NOTE My description on facebook:

Before asking to purchase this project/scenario, consider the following fact carefully: In the area illustrated in the last photo of the photo album, due to MSFS technical limitations, it is not possible to taxi and if you have accidents and damages active and you try to taxi in that area, the simulator will recognize an impact and the flight will end. This problem is caused by MSFS not recognizing overlapping touchpoints. ==========================

i’m not able to reproduce the crash either with collision material and with collision shapes :thinking:

(1) collisions debug - YouTube

This is the same issue as reported Here
The effect on the drone camera is the same as the effect on aircraft in that they ‘pop up’ on top of a collision mesh despite there being space under the mesh.

Asobo confirmed it’s in the backlog in December 2022, but no updates since.