Since 1.25.7 Drone Collision Mesh active with Collision Material

Hello, Since version 1.25.7 all my objects with the texture set to “Collision
Material” also activate the “Drone Collision Mesh” function, which is annoying
for walking in buildings in Drone mode and if I deactivate the “Collision
Material” function it is unrealistic to be able to cross the objects without
crashing ! Regards, ftsxfreelw

Hello @ftsxfreelw , We have modified the behavior of the camera with the
collision property. The only option is to change the shape of your collision
mesh to allow camera movements in your buildings Regards, Boris

So this is now permanent with no plans to roll it back? This kills off plenty
of exploration fun. And it also applies to the developer camera which makes it
a full blown pain up the posterior. It’s the same with collision boxes made by
the Blender exporter. V impressive how many times the makers have managed to
add to the grind, and it’s usually a lovely surprise too.

I LOVE this feature! I can finally block the drone cam out of inaccessible
areas of buildings. The only thing I wish was different is if it actually
behaved like a wall and stopped the movement instead of popping the camera
over the top. This behaviour can be a bit disorienting. Maybe it would also be
nice to have the option of disabling collision on devcam.

Having the camera react to collisions in DevMode is just stupid. Sorry, but it
is just stupid.

I wouldn’t say it’s stupid, but an option to enable / disable the dev camera
collision would be nice.

Hi @ftsxfreelw , Just to clarify, when you say " which is annoying for
walking in buildings in Drone mode
" you mean the " Showcase " camera ?
Regards, Boris

Hi Boris, Yes that’s right ! ftsxfreelw

@Boris can you be a Little bit more specific with the reason of this
(undocumented?) design choice? Are you telling us that when we want to add
collision to Building/terminal with a detailed internal we Need to create
Doors/holes where the drone (showcase camera) can enter to explore (This
implies, for former single collision shape, create at least 4 of them) Can you
tell us if this new behaviour is related to some upcoming improvements with
the collision handling of Airport vehicles ? Or maybe some new way to Explore
the world? Surprise Surprise Jorg would say :slight_smile:

As others have said, I would definitely say if this is kept, we need an option
to disable it. I have a few buildings with interiors that also have landable
roofs. I would like to keep the roofs landable, but you can no longer navigate
the buildings as the camera just snaps to the roof. The same goes with 3D
trees I use in bulk in the sceneries. I can no longer navigate through them as
I just get popped up on top of the canopies. Obviously I want to keep
collisions enabled here as an obstacle. Also as mentioned, as I’m panning
around with the developer camera, I find it colliding with objects, making it
hard to get an angle I may need to adjust or place an object. Dont get me
wrong, I like the idea of having control over where the camera can go, but
there are proving to be some situations where it just gets in the way.

Same problem here. I need interiors fully accessible to cameras, but the
building needs to have working collisions with aircraft. This doesn’t seem
possible any more.

Assuming collision detection is needed to let players know they’ve struck a
wing on a wall while taxiing, and not catered to players intentionally
crashing into buildings, I’m not personally having any issue taking 5 minutes
to drag some approximate collision boxes around. In most cases they’d be
needed on the roof, on corners and maybe some strategically placed poles or
barriers on certain walls. Landable roofs are also no issue. They can be a
separate box on the roof with an open interior below (tested). Unless I’m
missing something obvious. (I agree an option to disable for devcam would be

Hello everyone. We’re looking into it. No decisions made yet but most likely,
a dedicated collision flag will be created to handle this possibility.
Regards, Sylvain

Hello, it’s a very good news ! Regards Laurent

“Landable roofs are also no issue. They can be a separate box on the roof
with an open interior below (tested).”
I’m curious if this is still true for
you, as I cannot reproduce this. For me, if there is any sort of mesh
collision plane or box for the roof, the camera immediately gets snapped to
it. This is even with removing all collisions but the roof just to ensure the
camera wasn’t still clipping a wall collision. For now, it looks like I will
just be removing collisions on my buildings with internal modeling.

What decision was made on this and when will it be implemented?

We’re moving towards a dedicated collision flag to distinguish between
collision with aircraft and camera. It’s in our backlog but our focus is on
SU10 preparation for now so I’m unable to tell when this will be implemented.
@SonantAlpaca FYI

@FlyingRaccoon I’m a writer working for PC
Pilot Magazine here in the UK and many of the airport reviews I write are
accompanied by the stunning interior views that many developers build into
their scenery. If this option/feature is permanent, we will never be able to
show our readers screenshots of these interiors, so it seems pointless to
create them in the first place! The same applies to many of the Hand Built
buildings and airports that are a feature of each World Update. So again the
work done by their own development team has been wasted. I have also metioned
this on the forum and hope that Asobo reverse this “feature”, or at least
allow us a method of switching it off.

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We have started to turn material collisions for our models until this is
sorted, especially those that have interiors that are numerous with our

This is a big deal. I have spent many hours exploring the fantastic interiors,
which have always been popular ‘Easter Eggs’ in flight simulations and another
way to keep the user engaged in the virtual world. They are also often the
best way to get spouses / friends engaged with the sim, which has numerous
benefits for the sim pilot!