Compiled effects behaving erratically

Hi @EPellissier and
@MagnanimousHippo , I’m trying to compile
some wheel dust effects for our aircraft and I’m noticing that the compiled
effects are behaving completely differently than what was observed in the
editor. From the compiled: From the Editor: Thank you for your help!

Maybe the effect you created is correct but the settings in sim for the effect
is not set to be full 100% like in the editor. Try increasing the effect size.

Thanks for the reply! I know this setting from FSX/P3D but I can’t find
anything comparable in the sim settings.

Hi there, I am not in the office right now but isn’t the GUID you chose for
your FX (DADE83A1-66B8-42C4-9528-D022C10127CB) the same as one of ours? If
that’s the case I suppose our FX definition takes priority over yours -
changing the GUID should solve the issue (but you will have to adapt your
model XML too). I’ll double check this when in the office tomorrow. Best
regards, Eric / Asobo

Thanks for answering! Great path but DADE83A1-66B8-42C4-9528-D022C10127CB is
unique GUID used by other aircraft of the same size (for that effect,
DustLanding) is B563B75A-F2F0-4F09-8617-BE9F173BC8FB Worth noting that other
effects in the same library compile properly so the issue seems to be specific
to this effect.

Hello @runshotgun We have tested your effect and
are not able to reproduce the issue. We had to edit the effect (its use of
local vars) to integrate it so maybe that’s not the ideal condition. Can you
please provide us with: - your source package - your compiled package So we
can check if compilation gives us the same result and compare behavior.
Regards, Sylvain

Package shared with you as a private comment

Hello @runshotgun We tested your compiled
package on SU11, AAU1 and dev version of the game but were not able to
reproduce the issue. The effect always behaved as in your second picture. We
also tried switching DX version and graphics settings. Can you tell us if
starting a flight with your aircraft mounted from community and then opening
the effect in edition changes the behaviour of the effect spawned on your
aircraft? Also, if you can try to test your package on a different machine, it
would be interesting to see if you have the same problem. Regards, Sylvain

Here is a short video of the process on my end.
In the video, the aircraft was already present in the Community folder before
loading the project. Only after opening the project and selecting the effect
in the VFX editor does the effect swap to the correct one. Loading the project
from the menu (without the compiled package in the Community folder) will
render the correct effects directly after loading in. We have tried the
package on multiple computers (in and out of beta) and the effects do not
render correctly.

Hello @runshotgun When the problem occurs, can
you make sure your package is the only one in the Community folder, in case
there’s some package mounting issue on our side? Also, can you search
“wheel_dust.spb” in Tools->Virtual File System and make sure only p42-fox2
package is returned?


I tried with only the aircraft and visual effects, no change. Worth noting
that the default effects are disabled on the aircraft and that the particles
shown have to come from that specific effect. We can organize a remote
session if that could help you guys debug/find the issue!

Ok that’s good to know. I also assume the problem also occurs regardless of
the use of “Sky Dolly” and you just used it for the video? Thanks for the
remote connection offer. This is the last resort and we wouldn’t gather any
additional data with the retail exe anyway. Something we can do is to have you
generate 2 full dump files through the task manager. One when the effect
behaves correctly and one when it doesn’t. Please do it with the simplest
context possible to make investigation easier (in a desert area, traffic
disabled, object spawning options set to minimum, etc…) This way we could
investigate those for differences, potential VFX cache issues, etc… Check
section 2 and 3 here: [
crash/77) Then, in the task manager, you can trigger a dump file creation by
right clicking the application
Regards, Sylvain

Issue resolved here. Turns out I manually copied an effect from another
project and only changed the root GUID and not all the components. Ended up
having Chat GPT code a python script that compares all the effects files on
all my projects to figure it out hahaha. I cloned the effect in the vfx editor
and the issue is resolved now. Sorry for your time spent on this.