Diamonding/Artifact pattern on ground at certain viewing angles

Came across what looks to be artifacting. Thought maybe it happened only on
textures in my materialLib however this “diamonding” effect happens at a
certain heights and angles (and more noticeable during “power hours” of the
day - when comps are more pronounced). This happens when you crank up the
Terrain Level of Detail to over 100. I assume this is some sort of artifact or
density effect due to higher pixels being forced in. When you are at 100 or
lower its fine. This is also very noticeable when snowing. I noticed it in SU5
as well. I imagine some monitors will see them more so than others. Of course
the fix is to not crank up terrain level but who doesn’t want a crisp ground
(lol). Wonder if we can hear any guidance on this. See below some stills -
Thanks in advance for your time. Custom ground textures with comps and

Default textures with comps and without:

Snow also pics them up and
actually interacts:

Specs RTX3080 v496.76 /10900k/1tb m.2/32gb 4000mhz DDR4.

@Darwikey FYI