Effect BUG! Clipping issue caused by the environment occluder

Good afternoon, In addition to my previously reported issue, I have one more.
Working on a engine fire effect, I noticed that the effect gets clipped in a
really bad way for the cockpit view. Exhibit 1:

This is the fire effect from the
exterior view. Everything’s fine here. Exhibit
2:The same effect from the
interior camera. As you can see, some parts of the effect are clipped. Here’s
something funny though: when removing the environment occluder (the thing that
prevents raindrops from falling inside the aircraft), the effect shows.
Exhibit 3: It seems as if the
environment occluder is increasing the clipping distance for the effect when
the camera is inside of it. I did experiment with some of the camera settings
as well, namely the ClipMode and BoundingBoxRadius parameters of the camera
definition. Neither changed anything, so this seems to be an issue with the

Confirmed here too…

Thank you @Vitus for reporting this A ticket has been opened on our side
Regards, Boris