Effects BUG! Transparent smoke puffs turn green

Another issue with the new FX system. I found that any texture turns
green/yellow when the opacity decreases. Exhibit 1 shows what I’m talking

As you can see, greyish
smoke comes out of the exhaust. The node graph is increasing the size of the
particles over it’s lifetime while simultaneously decreasing the alpha value
of the color. The hue stays the same over the lifetime of the particle. As you
can see, the grey smoke turns completely green in the distance. Unless someone
can point out to me what I’m doing wrong, I’d insist that this is a bug in the

Hello @Vitus, We are aware this is a problem. You can see it happen on the
edges of the near contrails effect when looking at it in the axial direction.
Unfortunately we can’t fix it for the moment. The only solution is to limit
the number of particles with low alpha values that superpose each other. You
can randomize the lifetime of your particles to keep fewer alive for a long
time but still have a dense smoke near the spawn point. Regards, Matthieu