Electrical Inverters

Can we have an Inverter electrical component in the future or at least a 1 way electrical connection / diode

or does anybody have a solution to simulating a AC busses connected to dc buses via inverters without them feeding back power to there connected dc bus when that should be off and they switch to alternate inverter ??



Both Diodes and RESISTORS

Battery model is crying out for an Internal Resistance, (R Internal) that can be modeled to vary with Battery Charge, Temperature & Battery Age…


Try your plane’s starter motor when the battery is very cold !! (ref CGA)

I have the same problem. Also, transformers. At the moment I am thinking of emulating an inverter as a battery, and just use code in XML or perhaps WASM to turn the battery on or off corresponding to the inverter being turned on or off.

For a transformer, I just connect the downstream bus directly to the upstream, and pretend the downstream bus then has the same voltage as the upstream one. (Will have to scale its voltage as displayed on cockpit instruments accordingly.) As a transformer is by definition a passive device that should work, I hope.

I figured out a way to make inverters leading to DC buses work. I created a second set of alternators so each engine has two. The second set go directly to the DC buses. I have gauges that show the loads for each engine – I just add the loads of each pair together to get a figure that displays on the gauge. This way the DC buses will never send power back to the AC ones and I can unparallel the AC buses while keeping the DC ones in parallel. Not very elegant but it seems to work so far.