lightdef.Type for non typed light?

Hi! Two small questions: 1, Is there any other lightdef.Type beyond 13
(AMBIENT)? 2, I’m having issues with creating a light, that is not bound to
any particular type. I need a lightdef.Type but I cant assign my light to
any of the types available, as the type need to be in an “on” state for
allowing power through the bus and connection. Type 13 is always in an “on”
state, and that is good, but type 13 lights do not work outside the cockpit is
used for ambient lighting. So. What would be a good solution to create a
light, not dependent on any particular type? In my case it is a small
indicator light, driven by the state of a simvar. Thanks in advance. Br. /J

Hello @bouveng Can you try using Type:0 ? This is defined as type “None”
in our engine and the environment cast these lights. Not sure why they’re not
listed in the AircraftEditor and documentation. I’ll have that reviewed.
Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon Thanks for your answer. I did try the Type:0 , but could
not get it to work. I added Type:0#Index:0 for my light. And a
circuit.99 = Type:NONE:0#Connections:bus.15# … Bit unsure what circuit
type name to use? Br /J

Type “none” lights are not related to any circuit type, you just have to write
to their potentiometer simvar to control them.

I tried using Type:0 with a PotentiometerIndex outside of the normaly used
range(0-11). Now even after my LIGHT POTENTIOMETER for the corresponding
Potentiometer has a value of 100% my light won’t show (neither emissives nor
the effect). When I activate it by the User Lights Debug window it shows up
correcltly though. What could be the problem?