Livery Textures not processing in Package Builder

Hi all, I have been trying to build a livery package following the samples and
SDK guide. I have been able to successfully build the package and have it
appear in the sim, however none of my PNG files for textures come in. They do
not appear in the built package at all. It successfully brings across the
aircraft.cfg, the texture.cfg and the thumbnails, but as for the PNG files it
seems to simply ignore them. No processing to DDS or even just bringing them
in at all.

I’ve deleted and
rebuilt the project from scratch twice with no success. I even tried using DDS
format in the source directory and still nothing. I’m figuring it is something
silly I’ve missed but I cannot find it. Any suggestions welcome!

It’s the same thing that has happened to me, but I am sure there’s a step I am

Hello @Novawing24 The PNG names are the one
referenced in the GLTF file. You haven’t changed their name, right?

I just tried again, following the SDK, word for word. (I’ve done this more
than 10 times) The test samples did work yet my files won’t. It only generated
both layout.json and a manifest.json with a thumbnail inside the content
folder. Thats all. I am assuming others on the marketplace are utilizing the
same formula already done most likely doing it manually? I was told to build
it via the SDK. It’s returning as zero but I am sure there’s a small detail
that I can’t understand or I am missing… Can I share my file with you
@flyingraccoon ?

I think you need to convert the PNG to DDS don’t you? And aren’t the matching
JSON files required?

The SDK converts the PNG to DDS and creates JSON files. Ever since yesterday
Ive been conducting different builds on the attempts to process A320neo
texture files, folders, manifest and layouts files. It’s been difficult. I
personally know a person who has done this process and he will help me in a
week from here nonetheless I still need to know exactly what I am missing.
Making a livery package manually is fairly easy, the issue is, building a
package for the Marketplace via the SDK. I can possibly do it for an original
aircraft (ex. simple-aircraft), So far it seems either the texture.cfg and or
the aircraft.cfg isn’t been supplied. I wonder if Asobo can help me with a
tutorial or basic instructions specifically for the A320 NEO default.

Check that all your [] sections are correct, each one referencing
to the correct texture folders and there are no “holes” in the []
numbering if you have more than one section, no duplicates section names
either. And, be sure the model.cfg references to the correct xml file, and the
xml file references to the correct .gltf files. If any of these contains an
error, the builder won’t build the related textures.

Let me check that out and I’ll return with the results. Thank you.

OH cool, I’ve always done it manually.

I used the mycompany sample livery files to test if I had any holes. It looks
like I do I just don’t know where still. I conducted an experiment and utilize
the mycompany sample textures and removed my a320 materials. It resulted with
building a package and converted the png’s to dds. No layout.json nor
manifest.json was processed. It only processed it with the sample -mycompany-
liveries. Even though the guys at Microsoft need this from the SDK builder, it
seems manual is still the way. Nonetheless, I will be conducting more attempts
using the SDK.

You’ve sent it manually for the Marketplace?

@virtuali, unfortunately that didn’t help but I’ll repeat it several times
more before doing it manually.

Sure @bravoairspace I’ll have a look

@bravoairspace The root cause of the problem
is that your livery references a SimObject that doesn’t exist in your package.
The console errors are telling you that. If you create a livery for an A320
SimObject, you need to have that SimObject in your package and its GLTF files
referencing your textures. That’s how the link with your livery will be done
and the texture DDS conversion will be triggered. Regards, Sylvain

HIi Sylvain, Thanks for the response. In the package I sent you I didn’t place
the SimObject of the Asobo A320 because it felt illegal to do so. I will pay
closer attention to the console errors. And my follow up question is, did my
aircraft and texture cfg files use proper paths? Thank you.

Yes, path seem to be ok.

So just confirming @FlyingRaccoon that even if
we are making a livery only and not modifying the model we have to include the
model in order for it to be accepted by the Marketplace? Why can we not place
the model files in a separate package source as a reference and not have it
appear in the final exported package (as it should not be required)?
Does this also mean that we have
to include all texture files even if we are not using them and aliasing the
default ones?

Hello @Novawing24 My apologies, my answer
wasn’t clear. You can have the model in the a different package but it needs
to be in the same project. Check the LiveryAircraft sample from the SDK, it
demonstrates how to do it. Regards, Sylvain

In my original post that was the result even including the original model
package as a separate entry in the package. I am happy to send through samples
to you if you would be able to assist further.

Sure. Send it and I’ll have a look.