Multijetway Support

Bigger airplanes (B787, A747, A330…) are using 2 jetways when parked at the
gate for a faster de-/boarding process, the A380 even uses up to 3 jetways at
some airports. It would be nice to have the option to add multiple jetways per
parkingspot in the Sim as well. At some airports within the Sim there is
currently actual a second jetways, but as static object. Same goes for
multiple stairs at ramps, there are often 2 stairs for each aircraft (one in
the front and one in th rear)

I think before they add this they need to fix the massive disappearing regular
jetways first lol

@Kaiii3 Same with MARS gates which are also not
supported, however currently jetways do not work at all.

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I have opened a new suggestion thread to request implemention of MARS gates:

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Bump → as with upcoming widebody airlines, a multi-jetway support would
increase realism. When a gate has 3 jetways and you can only use, that is very
frustrating for end user.


Again bump. Shouldn’t be to hard to implement dual jetway support? If not can it be opened up to the likes of SODE to control jetways operations including Multiple Jetways?

PMDG 777 incoming and we need this added to the SDK ASAP.