Online/Multiplayer traffic not being returned in traffic requests

Only AI traffic is returned. It would be nice to get data on the multiplayer
traffic that is seen in the game. I see a lot of player traffic and it just
isn’t in callback for requesting traffic. Is there a different call that can
be made to get player traffic? MSFS SDK: Thanks, Jeff

I noticed exactly the same when using“GET_AIR_TRAFFIC”) in
my JavaScript code. It works well but only returns AI traffic and not any
multiplayer traffic. I would also like to get the multiplayer traffic using
this function.

It was like that since the beginning - looks like someone forget to include
online players list into SimConnect query sources. Several polls about that
exists on MSFS forum already (like “display players in LNM”), but still no
changes. I have noticed other players appear properly in effects editor (as
SimObjects with unique ID) so it’s not like another type of data, they are
very same as AI aircraft. Just in case it will help someone, SimObject name:

*ID* - *random_number* - NPC|NetPlane_-*random_number*_*USERNAME*

In tools that scans nearby aircraft (KineticAssistant towplanes, DG808/Discus
FLARM, F/A-18 AA radar) I am using type ALL so script return not only
aircraft, but also pilots (pilots inside of player aircraft are returned). But
pilots appear on the radar only at short distance (less than 5nm, depends on
LODs config) and they does not contain base aircraft data (velocity, lights,
controls etc.) only coordinates and altitude. Ugly hack but at least some way
to move forward.

_ It was like that since the beginning - looks like someone forget to include
online players list into SimConnect query sources. Several polls about that
exists on MSFS forum already (like “display players in LNM”), but still no
I remember this coming up in a Q&A; maybe 6+ months ago, and there
was a puzzled look on Asobo’s faces, and a comment to the effect “Really, we
did not realize that”
-- – and that was the end of that… NO action was

Hello This is in our backlog, just can’t tell yet when this will be available.
Regards, Sylvain

This really needs a bump… What is the intended SDK way of getting a relevant
list of multiplayers within the sim (e.g. within a certain distance of the
current player)? I appreciate this could be implemented either within the
local sim or maybe in the servers, but a query into the local sim should be
efficient if the multiplayers are represented in there already.
SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType ? Coherent.Call(“GET_AIR_TRAFFIC”) ?
Clearly we need to be able to distinguish between Live Traffic, AI SimObjects
and actual players. My guess is a properly designed-in capability would result
in a variety of innovative gauges and applications that would benefit the MSFS
ecosystem. If it’s not being considered as a requirement, we should create a
‘wishlist’ thread for it.

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This seems not to have been resolved as of yet. Is it still in the backlog? My users are looking forward to it.

Thanks for your time.


I would like to add another vote for this to finally get added. It has been years… Is this still lost in your backlog somewhere?

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Can you at least tell us if it will be added to 2020 BEFORE 2024 releases, or in either AFTER 2024 releases. ?

GET_AIR_TRAFFIC has been returning multiplayer data for a few sim updates now. There is no rigid disambiguation between types, but multiplayer can essentially be disambiguated from local AI objects by their ID.


THANKS :wink:
I (and many others) must have missed that in any SU release notes !!

Is the X-Box Name ID (MP Name) exposed in GET_AIR_TRAFFIC ?
I don’t seem to be able to find player names


@N6722C - Yes we missed it too. Only a month or so ago I realized ACAS was alerting for multiplayer proximity. It’s possible that something on the backend changed outside of a SU, but probably we just didn’t notice. SU10 added VFRMap stuff and it may have been then (over a year now).

The data is still limited. You have lat/lon/alt/heading. I think isOnGround may still be broken (reported in other threads too). the uid is a very small number for a local object (matching the simconnect object ID), and a very large number if it is MP traffic (or another type that you don’t have direct access to). No player name of any sort.

Wow thanks for this magic rune. This really is total guesswork. We have an undocumented JS hack (GET_AIR_TRAFFIC) that doesn’t return any identifier for the player, and another undocumented JS hack (the nameplates ‘api’) that has the XBox playername but is extremely unreliable in general, particularly for the plane type and no actual position of the plane.

I’m not familiar with the namesplates API. Is that something we can get at if we don’t do a global sim override to get into the menus?

I would love to get xbox player name synced up somehow.

So would I … the Goal being to be able to develop a Menu Popup, that display a list of your MP session’s Player

  • Names,
  • Plane type,
  • Livery name,
  • Altitude,
  • speed,
  • distance from you and bearing from you
  • and Flags to indicate if you have that plane/livery

without having to exit Flying, and go to the “Connected Players” UI, that only shows Names, Ironically the one thing we seem unable to do

Would greatly help with testing Model Matching :slightly_smiling_face:

a little progress –

onSetLocalPlayerData in community.js will get you a list of Multiplayer Names (excluding yours)

The ‘Nameplates API’ is simply a hijack of this file:


Hence the api name in ‘quotes’… in normal execution you can use the Coherent Console to inspect the stock running version and look at the data (strangely, two copies appear to be running, but only one seems to contain valid data. I don’t know how the nameplates code gets launched, or where the code is that calls the IGM_TrafficElement_3D.setData(data) method to provide the {name, alt, plane type}

interesting… where’s community.js ? Any data other than “Name” ?

Lots –

Many things there you can subscribe to there in Class CommunityListener, what will return assorted information.

Anyone found the MP Plane’s LIVERY ??