Please update the Blender exporter

I was hoping for a Christmas present of a new exporter version that fixed the issues reported and add the enhancements requested.

Please provide an update to the Blender exporter for Blender 3.6 and for Blender 4.0

I have submitted a PR for 3.6.x and am ready to submit a PR for Blender 4.0.0 from my 3.6 branch.

Blender 3.3 LTS will go out of service in Sept 2024

try this:

That is my git site. LOL


I don’t believe that Asobo has anyone working on the Blender Exporter. I think it is a one-and-done project… even if the cake was not fully baked.

I hope they are not done. There are simple fixes to make 1.3.2 work in blender 3.6 and then another few fixes to work in 4.0. It’s Khronos and Blender that has messed up ASOBO’s attempt to get the Blender export working in those versions.

I’m hoping they are working on 2024 and adding all sorts of ASOBO gltf extensions for additional functionality.


I and many others really appreciate the effort you have put into helping to maintain and improve upon the Blender exporter @DA40CGDFQ! Makes me wish I would have put the time into actually learning python.

I really hate that Blender get’s overlooked so much when it is much more obtainable than Max. Though, I get that it’s always been the “industry standard”.

I’m just happy I was finally able to bump up to 3.3.x a while back… lol :slightly_smiling_face:


Dick, many things are currently “half baked” due to the seemingly lack of manpower, but that doesn’t mean they’re abandoned. Be patient and don’t give up hope so easily. :smiley:

Now that SDK 0.24 is out, any chance of getting at least a development version of the Blender 3.6.x exporter to test??

Hi there,
It is in the pipeline but we have other urgent topics that have priority over this right now.
I cannot say today when a 3.6-compatible exporter will be available.
Best regards,
Eric / Asobo

That is unfortunate, that Blender is a lower priority. I am willing to help. You can cherry pick from my 3.6 updates branch on my git if needed. This has always been the case.

It would be nice to test any updates as bone armature animation is sometimes difficult to get working correctly. But I understand, looks like its a low priority in the community too.

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I disagree with this. Many devs are using only the Blender workflow, this is very important for us and an ongoing burden for each new project. The engine works on gltf and there is no reason for Blender to be second class (other than the usual resourcing constraints).

I hope Asobo takes up your offer for help @DA40CGDFQ. - Thank you!

My point being, No one seems too upset that it’s not being updated. There are no new issues posted on their git site. I have a few enhancement requests here and on the git site.

ASOBO has just stated that it is a low priority, and that is because the community seems happy with the existing versions.

Here are the bugs and enhancement requests added by developers

ASOBO issues and enhancements

#213 Emissive strength - max 100

#214 Parallax bug

#220 Projected Mesh invisible in Simulator

#248 Multiple empty animations on export - you must manually checkboxes

#252 Vertex Color Rainbow

#266 Glass and standard render in sim differently - with same parameters.

#269 Comp textures are not being included from saved v292 .blend files - fbw migration needed to help fix this

#279 Addon defaults to a base color value of 0.8 - modified numerous default values.

#280 Blender Exporting ERROR (Long Code) - core Khronos code issue

#281 Exporter doesn’t take collections in account

#284 Current XML are being completely overwritten on export

#289 Color Attributes (Vertex Painting) wrong in shader

#290 Add function - To delete all glTf and reassign to Proper glTf Settings - mod added

#291 Jetway wheel animation not working

#294 Enhancement - Change RGB Curves to show Blue channel as all 1’s (white)

Animated Materials. enhancement request on dev hub.

Incorrect showing of Detail Base Color textures - new shader node structure needed for Detail Base Color Texture.- Questions asked on dev hub

ORM - issue post on dev hub