PLEASE VOTE: Stands/Ramps/Gates "Drive-Thru" style

Hi! In lack of the actual name for it (or shall we called them “taxi-through
stands”? :slight_smile: ): It would be great ti be able to create ramps that work like
these (both for user aircraft as well as AI traffic):

When reading the SDK it seems
that only “dead end” gates/ramps are possible, which always require some kind
of pushback or turnaround. Two other good illustrations (source:

Hello Sasa, You’re right, this immersive option is currently missing. To
overcome this issue I personally only create the taxiway path leading to the
parking stand and I disable the pushback service option for this kind of
stand. This is like a quick-fix and it’s invisible for the player: the ATC
leads the pilot to the correct path and he can leave it following the painted
lines. There is a downside : if you activate the blue ribbon helper you’ll see
bad results. So I look forward to hearing from this topic, hoping it will be
accepted. Regards.

I don’t quite understand your solution. I just made an airport where there are
no jetways and absolutely all parking lots do not require towing service. The
problem is that the airplanes do not face the terminal, so the towing becomes
unrealistic because the airplanes will hit all the objects. It is surprising
that ASOBO does not take this type of parking as something important and only
works on this if the votes are in the majority. Another thing that is
completely unrealistic is to have a tow tractor all the time in front of the
aircraft, the simulator should be able to offer the option to configure these
vehicles, in FSX if one removed the density of vehicles at the airport all
this disappeared and one made use of GSX and if you needed it you required it
or else not. The least they should do is to allow that if you do not want
vehicles at the airport all this disappears and leave that service to other
more professional tools such as GSX. It’s just that none of this works well,
all vehicles collide with the aircraft and it’s more worthy of an arcade video
game than a simulator.

@FlyingRaccoon Do you know of any temporary
solution? Could you tell us how to avoid having any of these vehicles
hindering the exit of the aircraft, in an airport where it is impossible to
make any other maneuver to exit?

Crosswind Runways would also be great if they add it.

Living World Script for the Airport should be a temporary solution.

thank you very much for your information, I have never experimented with this
tool, I will have to study it to see how it works. Thank you very much for the