Prevent exterior light from bleeding into cockpit (from environment, scenery, or ground services) & support custom reflection maps

Currently in the sim, especially for aircraft whose cockpits are lighter
colors, the exterior environment map affects lighting (and reflections) inside
the cockpit, so that the pedestal/floor is illuminated blue during clear
weather, and the overhead panel/ceiling is illuminated green/brown from the
terrain. This is not realistic, and being able to use a custom interior map to
stop exterior lighting from affecting texture illumination is necessary.
Furthermore, lights from airport scenery or ground services (especially the
ground power unit/truck for airliners) produce light that “bleeds” into the
cockpit and illuminates surfaces which should never receive their light. Being
able to define some sort of occluder to completely block this out is also
necessary. Also, being able to create custom cubemaps/reflection maps for the
interior of the aircraft (such as the cockpit) would be a huge plus, to make
realistic screen reflections.

Yes, it also affects scenery creators VERY much. The problem is that there is
just one light source which can cast shadows - the sun. Other lights
completely omit all surfaces and go right through them which creates
unnnecessary light bleeds all over airport structures, etc. I understand that
casting shadows for each light source will kill the performance, but at least
a complete shadowless light occlusion is absolutely necessary.

However, there is this line in the FPS counter, reading “Spot/omni shadows”
which is always 0 along with other lines in this section. Could it mean that
the feature is there, but is just disabled? :slight_smile:

For an example of environment map light bleeding, here is the A320neo. You can
see the blue from the sky reflected on the pedestal, and the green/brown from
terrain reflected on the overhead. This shouldn’t happen.


spot light have an option in lightattributes EnableSpotLightCastShadow=1.0,
but omni doesnt

Could you please elaborate how this line looks like in the gltf? Does it go
under the “ASOBO_macro_light”?

Does this still work? I can’t seem to enable it. Does this parameter go in the
.fx file? Is there anything else I need to activate to make it work?

any updates?

Is there any way to prevent specific mesh from receiving exterior lights?