RTC (Real Time Cinematic)

Dear Asobo, I am following this tutorial:
Which as I understand, would allow me to create an RTC shot after a “custom
event” or animation occurs without the need of creating a custom .glft camera.
I want to do some WOW effects when a particular event happens in my aircraft,
following this example I am stuck… it doesn’t explain how to create the
entire RTC.xml, it doesn’t explain either where to install the RTC.xml, or if
I have to add a particular asset group to my project and what type. Could
someone from the team extent their hand and explain how this feature works?
Thanks in advance. Raul

You can use an SPB asset group. You have to use
MainAicraftFolder\rtc\definitions as the output path. When you build the
project, the .xml will be compiled to an .spb file. To decompile .spb files,
you can use spb2xml.

Hello @Simbol , The documentation should be update in the SU10 for the RTC
Aircraft. However at this point, the RTC does not trigger in flight , only in
the hangar. You can post an idea about this or add your vote/comment on this