[SU11/12 Bug] Stock materials have flipped normals on some terrain tiles

When in a project or in the sim on multiple different graphics cards some
stock asobo materials appear to have flipped normals. What makes this
behalvior strange is it only happens on some world grid tiles but not all.
This happened a few sim updates a go and wasnt always a problem. Something
changed. To replicate, load gorund / Sand Beach texture. Set the sun low in
the sky and move the material across different terrain mesh tiles. Please see
video below for an example on our upcoming NZMF scenery. (still processing 4k)

Ooh! I was wondering what was going on! Thanks!!

Hey @Boris Did you guys manage to reproduce this bug? It is pretty easy to
reproduce and happens on a lot of our team’s systems. Let me know if you need
any more information, happy to provide more locations or a sample project etc.

Hello @HybridNZ We were able to reproduce this issue and it will be reviewed.
Regards, Sylvain

Awesome thanks Sylvain. While the material in the example shows it happening,
its happening on a lot of materials. Its not all terrain tiles but then will
turn up where its least wanted :smiley: Cheers Josh

Hey guys, any update on this bug with the rendering engine ?

Hello @HybridNZ

No progress yet unfortunately.


No worries. Thanks for the updste.

I just went through something similar while making my own custom ground materials. Might be that the source Normal that was used in the COMP/NRM was not in DirectX format? Or the wrong source channel was used? If that’s the case then the Alpha channel colors may just need to be inverted.

In my case I was using the Normal’s Blue channel in the NRM Alpha instead of the Green channel, as I misunderstood the SDK. For the Normal I though it was:

R = X
G = Y
B = Z

But it’s actually:

R = X
G = Z
B = Y

This is edited. I think you are right in that the metallic isn’t being used. It can be added, and perhaps an update or MSFS2024 will use it, so it does no harm to include it.

This is happening on stock (they came with the sim) materials and projected mesh.
The change happened around sim update 10 or 11. I forget which. We were testing one day then after the update the problem was there. So it has been introduced.

Not sure who your reply is targeted to, but for clarification: My reply above was towards FlyingRaccoon on why the default materials may be doing that. It seems to be the same thing I ran into with my custom materials where one of the channels in the COMP/NRM material was set up incorrectly.

Hello @HybridNZ

A fix has been made in SU15 to address this.
You can check it in the flighting version that is available now.


Thanks a ton for that @FlyingRaccoon and team.

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