[SU11] Engines are not running if project is build in

Hi, i just modify some engine parameters with v1.29.28.0 in the aircraft
editor and building my project. The engines are not running anymore, they
start, reach the idle value and immediately slow down very slowly to reach

Hello @Jimmy_BlueMesh What engine type are you talking about? What
modification are you talking about? Does reverting those modifications revert
to previous behavior? Regards, Sylvain

As a test use a default engine.cfg that is the same type of engine. This way
you can rule out that there is something wrong with your values.

I discovered this issue as well. In my case, it appears the aircraft editor
was changing the tables for engine_mechanical_efficiency_table and
engine_friction_table by adding extra zeros. When I remove the extra table
entries, the engine runs as normal again. But keep checking as you continue to
modify and save.

Here’s what I was experiencing
with my engine troubles. When I remove the extra entries in the table, the
engine runs normally again. I made the edit externally and did a resync.

Hello @sal1800 Thank you for reporting this. We have prepared a fix that will
come with the next update. Regards, Sylvain