[SU12 Beta] Mouse drag issue - initial wrong direction

Before I got the SU12 beta ,my knobs and switches that are x multi state using
ASOBO_GT_Switch_3States template work nicely. Now when I drag the switch the
inital move ment is opposite to what I want, but only in one direction.
Vertical switch - switch in bottom pos, click and drag up - stop (hold mouse)

  • no movement, continue up switch moves up to second position. Click on switch
    drag up - stop (hold) and switch moves down, then move mouse again switch
    moves up, Siwitch in up postion or mid position, click and drag down, works as
    expected. See Vid. The default TBM does this now. very anoying. can it be
    fixed as before SU12 beta? https://youtu.be/8X3a48tp-5s
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Hello @DA40CGDFQ I’ve been able to reproduced this issue in SU12 & SU11, a
ticket has been made in our backlog. Best regards, Yohan

I was going nuts trying to narrow this down from hardware to the sim. I finally did a full reinstall of the sim and used another mouse with no other hardware and my multi state switches still played games. I might have not noticed this happened when SU12 was released because I develop not fly. So it now makes sense that this is a template issue.

Hi @young923 and @FlyingRaccoon

Turning off dev mode fixes the bug for me. But for my partner he doe NOT get this bug with dev mode on. So we are not sure why I have this issue with no projects loaded and dev mode on and he does not. I wonder is the SDK version also is in effect here.

Looking forward to see a fix and some more info for now.

Hello all,

We’re having the same issue here when moving (dragging with the mouse) a lever or a 3-position switch in a cockpit when in the Developer Mode. And we are having the issue not only with our own projects but also with the default aircraft such as the DA62.

Two examples:

  1. Pushing (left mouse button + drag Y direction) the throttle lever forward with the mouse from any position first moves the lever backward for a moment, then the lever follows the mouse forward.

  2. Moving a 3-position switch from its middle position to its up position first moves the switch to its down position for a moment, then moves the switch up to mid, then to up.

No issue when moving the lever backward (down position in the case of the switch).


At first, we thought it was our own code for 3-position switches that we are developing for our cockpit, but we also noticed the same issue with the default aircraft. This can be reproduced in the DA62 (try the throttles or the de-icing OFF-NORM-HIGH switch on the left side of the pilot’s panel).

We tested our own aircraft under development on two different gaming systems. With the same MSFS config on both platforms, and with the same aircraft (same cockpit, same code), and same mouse, we do not have this issue on one computer, but we are having the issue on the second. Both are high-end Dell Alienware machines fully up-to date using the same Logitech mouse.

We do not have the issue when exiting the Developer Mode. Turning the Developer Mode on again causes the issue to reappear.

The only difference between our two test systems:

Laptop: SDK version = NO MOUSE ISSUE

Desktop: SDK version (latest) = MOUSE ISSUE PRESENT

We may be wrong, but we believe the issue is related to the more recent SDK version(s).

Hope this helps.

Xtreme Prototypes Development Team

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@FlyingRaccoon any news on this getting resolved?

Update, Dev mode only effects 3-way switches if you have a loaded project. Turning it off does fix the bug, but as we know this is not a solution. And for any non-project types, the switch works fine.


This is still being tracked but we don’t have a fix at the moment.
Moving this to bug report section for better tracking.


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