[SU12] SimConnect human not moving

Hey, when injecting a default human via SimConnect as AICreateSimulatedObject
it will not move when sending waypoints. Using the ingame DevMode, I can see
that it changes the Status from “Zombie” to “Waypoint”. Sample Code in private

has anyone been able to replciate/confirm this issue?

Just did a little test and changes the category inside the sim.cfg from “human” to “animal” and it is working fine. I guess there is something inside the Sim blocking “Humans” to be handled by SimConnect?

Hello @Kaiii3

Thank you for your report, this has been logged on our side.
I suggest you indeed to set your Simobjects as animals for now as a workaround.

Kind Regards,


testing is one thing, but a release of software is currently not possbile as long as this bug exisits. We want to inject the default ASOBO Human SImObjects via SimConnect at airports in our product and send them dynamic waypoints. Only solution at the moment would be to “copy” the default ASOBO once, rename the titles and change the category…