Terrain spikes around added water features

Hello,I’m getting terrain spikes around some lakes and ponds that I have
added. From what I can tell, this is related to using a terraforming poly
along with a water poly in the same location. Water polygons alone don’t seem
to have this issue. I have tried making adjustments to the terraforming, as
well as increasing the priority, however the spikes still remain. Is there a
known way to mitigate this or is it a bug out of my control? Would hate to
remove the terraforming as several of the lakes need it. However, as you can
see, it’s not great to look at in the distance: (Now imagine this every
direction you look…)

Hello @Rotornut44, I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue, Can you send us your
project please ? See [3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Terrain Spikes appeared here sometimes near Terraforming polygons and yes if
these are near water surfaces as well but it might be related to specific
locations? In some SU spikes appeared in places I modified with terraforming
polys whereas in other SU, the spikes appeared in other modified places.

Hello @Rotornut44 , We were able to reproduce this issue, and we are
investigating. I will keep you informed when I know more Thanks, Regards,

Please note that this issue happened in some of the previous Sim Updates and
then disappeared in others.

Just to follow up on this issue and confirm the OP. The Spikes indeed happen
near the water where my Terraforming polygons were added in the custom

Good to see that you could reproduce the issue in another location. Thought, I
haven’t seen any floating pillers yet myself, just the standard terrain

Yeah if you have 3D object over the area where spikes happen, they will be
lifted in the air and sometimes, the spikes disappear but the 3D objects
remain floating until you get even closer, they will get back on the ground

Is this still being looked into? I was hopeful that this would be eliminated
with the improvements to terraforming in SU12, however the issue still