Texture missing when building the SimObject after upgrading to 1.34.16

Whenever I click build button for my SimObject, there is always a warning (glTFLister | Model texture not found in the texture directories: XXX.png, for model XXX\XXX\XXX\model\XXX.gltf). May I ask what should I do?

For your reference, here is the information which might be helpful.

  • MSFS version: 1.34.16
  • SDK version:
  • 3D max version: 2023
  • Base SimObject: the GaugeAircraft from


  • This is a simple scenario, with only one box, and one texture
  • Name of the texture: AT_ON.tif
  • Scenario file: see attached

[File checking]

  • I am sure that “AT_ON.png” is under “texture” folder of PackageSources
  • I am sure that “AT_ON.PNG.DDS” and “AT_ON.PNG.DDS.json” is under “texture” folder of Packages folder

[MSFS2020 Build]
After clicking build all, I got this:

test_scene 20231022.zip (44.9 KB)

Hello @Kuailun,

You can send us the simobject, and I’ll take a look at it.
See section 3) here


Finally found the issue:

I have three entries in the aircraft.cfg in terms of the liveries. However, I only created two folders and the corresponding cfg file. As a result, although the texture is in the shared texture folder, the model doesn’t know the path to this shared folder.

Issue solved. Thank you!