"This airport currently is under review." on published MSFSBot upload?

I just tried to check the above airport (LFPS) out to work on it, but it appears to have been “under review” since the 11th Jan '24.

Can anyone shed any light on this or is this an error/bug?


My guess is that when they imported these airports into their database, they must have accidentally set (or un-set) this flag for being under review for a bunch of airports. This happened before:

My hope is that Nicolas or one of the other World Hub folks could fix it for you. (It may pay for the team to query all the airports “under review” with only one submission, or something like that.)


Thanks! I’ll leave it a good while to see if they sort it out. If not, I’ll ping Nicholas about it in couple of weeks or something.

That’s a good idea about them going through to look for “under review” airports, the queue of user submissions is usually cleared quite quickly too. I don’t know what tools or interfaces they have, but it would be great if they have an “under review” filtered list they could just trawl through.

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Hi guys,

Some airports could have a checkout with an undefined date, we call it an “admin checkout”.
Generally, we apply it because it’s a bespoke airport (like LFPG, KLAX, etc) and it’s part of the standard version of the game and don’t need a generic edition. That means, if you do some fixes, they will never be in the sim.

If you have some bugs on this particular airport, the only way will be to create a ticket on Zendesk.



Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for replying to this.

Is there any possibility that the team could reconsider that idea?

If you log a bug report on Zendesk, there is a good chance that it will never get fixed. I have logged something like 400 bug reports on Zendesk, and maybe a dozen of them have been fixed. There are airport bugs that are almost four years old that haven’t been fixed. And if you look at the list of #bug-logged and #feedback-logged bugs in the main forums, you will see that they will never get to most of the things we log.

I really hope that the team would reconsider this. Is there some kind of technical limitation? I can’t imagine so…KLAX is locked down, but KORD is another airport that came with the sim, and it’s not locked down.

Hi Nicolas, thanks for your reply.

Could I suggest that the team adds comments to the individual airport submissions where this is the case, in order to avoid this scenario in the future? (seeing as there are sometimes incorrectly locked out airports: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/eros-airport-fywe-why-unavailable/8732)


Hi Nicolas,

I found a way to get all of the airports that have the “admin checkout” in the World Hub. There are 43 of them. Looking at the list, 13 of these airports that are locked down are not bespoke. I just want to verify if the 13 that are not bespoke should be locked down, or if they should be released like FYWE.

Current “admin checkout” airports:

Code Name Bespoke?
38CN Sanborn No
FXKA Katse No
FXME Matekane Airstrip No
KLNA Palm Beach County Park No
KRNT Renton Mun No
LEVX Vigo No
LF79 Mont Aiguille No
LFCS Leognan-Saucats No
LFIP Balestas No
LFPS Notre Dame de la Salette No
MMPA Tajin No
NWWX Canala No
TIST Cyril E King No
CYTZ Toronto/City Centre Yes
CZST Stewart Yes
EIDL Donegal Yes
HUEN Entebbe Intl Yes
KASE Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field Yes
KEB Nanwalek Yes
KJFK Kennedy Intl Yes
KLAX Los Angeles Intl Yes
KMCO Orlando Intl Yes
KSEA Seattle-Tacoma Intl Yes
KSEZ Sedona Yes
KTEX Telluride Regl Yes
LFLJ Courchevel Yes
LFPG Charles-de-Gaulle Yes
LOWI Innsbruck Yes
LPMA Madeira Yes
LXGB Gibraltar AB Yes
MHTG Toncontin Intl Yes
MRSN Sirena Station Yes
NZQN Queenstown Yes
RJTT Tokyo (Haneda) Intl Yes
SBGL Galeao-Antonio C Jobim Intl Yes
SEQM Mariscal Sucre Intl Yes
SPGL Chagual Airport Yes
TFFJ St Barthelemy I Yes
TNCS Juancho E. Yrausquin Yes
VNLK Lukla Yes
VQPR Paro Yes
WX53 Bugalaga Airstrip Yes
YSSY Kingsford Smith Intl Yes

Hey guys

For the example of KORD, it’s normal. As it’s a deluxe/premium airport, it has a generic version (for the people who didn’t buy the corresponding game version). And the actual process will be the same for the moment, sorry. We are thinking about a lot of things for the World Hub, but the bespoke airports are not intended to be modified by the community.

We will think about something yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the non-bespoke airport that are admin-checkout are locked because internal test :stuck_out_tongue: But I will see for the others, thank you