User Lights Console

The user lights console is not working like it used to. Currently there is no way of isolating one light and adjusting its paramters. Previously you could Pause all lights and then check the light you want to work on. Now all lights are either on or off.

Was working fine for me… be sure to check the options about pause all lights… just 24 hours ago


The “Pause Light System” is now “Disable Light System” but if the box is checked you cannot activate individual lights, they remain off.

Then take it out… I was able to active individual lights and work fine…

Here’s what I found.

  1. Disable Lights works, but you can no longer override an ON light and force it to be off, only activate a light without using a switch of some kind.

This issue is you can’t isolate always-on lights anymore I believe.

  1. You can no longer change the emitter type and see the result in the sim (say spot to omni).

  2. The User Lights window doesn’t have a collapse caret, and it needs to be made very large in order to use the controls. The combination of these mean the usability is pretty bad outside of the new issues.

EDIT: A few more hours and I’ve had some pretty inconsistent behaviors. Sometimes even though the light system is disabled, the checkboxes don’t do anything. I also found the effects position visualization didn’t work. Now that it isn’t working, I’m not sure how to get it working again.

I’d say the new version is buggy, the old version worked pretty well every time I used it. I may try with SU14 to see if something else could be in play.

EDIT 2: I did use my SU14 install and User Lights worked as expected.

Thanks for your input there davux3 , I agree, this version is very buggy. My main issue is that you cannot isolate lights. I have a panel of 10 lights and the only way to get them pointed correctly is to disable the other lights in the system.cfg which is really a waste of time.

Since it works so well on SU14 and was so frustrating (for me) on SU15 I suggest we file a proper bug report so Asobo doesn’t miss it (they may not read all the discussion threads). You are welcome to do it since you found this, but I’ll submit something in a couple days if you don’t want to.

Posted here: SU15 User Lights tool has some regressions that make it difficult to develop aircraft lights

Brilliant, thanks davux3!

Thanks for the reports, please see our answer here: SU15 User Lights tool has some regressions that make it difficult to develop aircraft lights - #3 by EPellissier

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