VFX build all doesn't load into VFS

While filming my latest SDK tutorial, making a simple vfx i have noticed that
the “build all” command doesn’t load the built files into the VFS , making
impossible to place the VFX until the compiled package is thrown in community.
Is this intend behaviour or just me? @Boris1 sorry to ping you here, I still
can “manage” other users posts…my goal is not to be in the Asobo crew, I
just need a Marketplace approval, sooner or later

Hello @mamudesign I have double checked this with the SimpleFX sample and I am
able to see the package mounted and the effect spb file listed in the Virtual
File System tool. You don’t have any error or suspicious warning when building
your package effect? If not, I’ll investigate further if you provide me with
the project. Regards, Sylvain

I’m sorry Sylvain, I wasn’t clear enough in my question above. The vfx created
in the project editor, after a correct build all, are not available for
placement using the VFX Object in the scenery editor (hence my wrong idea that
those are not loaded into the VFS, but the resul is the same)

The sample itself has some
flaws too, compiled and put in community is not available among the VFX, maybe
needs a refresh? The Wizard one compiles fine, and once loaded in community it
is available, but because of the DefaultName (missing tag in its .xml), it is
show as “blank”, this is pretty common (several assets in the game has this
issue) (Those blanks indicated by the arrows are 100% valid and spawnable
effect, just missing the name)
I suggest to enforce the name assignment during the effect creation process :slight_smile:

Hello @mamudesign Got it. I’ll forward this to our devs so that an effect name
is generated automatically or enforced in some way. We’ll also check if VFX
and SimObjects list can be updated when packages are mounted in edition. Thank
you for reporting the issue. Regards, Sylvain