VFX editor - not same results as description

I am not getting the same results in the VFX editor as in the SDK explanation.
Adding the velocity vector x=0, y=5 and z=0. What am I doing wrong. Also the
VFX editor does not match the documentation description in minor ways.

Hi there, Have you tried checking “EmitInLocalSpace” in the emitter box? If
that doesn’t help, can you elaborate a bit on what effect you are trying to
achieve? Best regards, Eric / Asobo

I was just trying to follow the text description in the VFX section of the
SDK. So I was trying to recreate the same example there, but got different
results. There is no mention of using local space in the text description.

And now for something else. Is the Offset suppose to work if you select a
contact point? My effect is at 0,0,0 when I select “none” in the contact point
drop down. Then if I select a contact point - right wing tip, the effect goes
there. If I enter offsets, x= lateral right is plus, y = vertical up is plus,
and z is long where forward is plus. y and z act ok, however adding a positive
value to x moves it in the left direction??? Is this right, or a known issue?
SU10Beta July 18update (really no point release)

Hello @DA40CGDFQ The example in the documentation
is out of date. I will notify our technical writer :slight_smile: The coordinate system
for the VFXs has been reworked and the AttachToEmitterTranslation and
AttachToEmitterRotation parameters no longer exist. The only parameter that
exists now is EmitInLocalSpace. If you want your (0, 5, 0) vector to shoot
upward you can check this parameter, however this means your particles will
follow your plane. What you might want to do instead is to NOT check this
parameter, use a LocalDirection node (doc
and plug it into the Velcocity of your Init block. This will instantiate
the particles of your effect with a velocity relative to the orientation of
your emitter but they won’t follow it. Please tell me if that works for you :slight_smile:
Regards, Matthieu

This is normal, the coordinate system here is left handed.

I guess I have to disagree with that - left hand co-ordinate system x axis -
right is positive. It’s going left when adding a positive to x value.

Yes I’m sorry, according to your description I was wrong and this is actually
a right handed system. It’s just rotated around the y axis by 180 degrees to
get the z axis to point forward, and therefore the x axis point to the left. X
right, y up and z forward would actually be left handed.

But then this does not agree with the way the contact points are set up. left
hand coordinates. positive x is right. what am I not understanding. Is this a
burned in incorrect process we have to live with? My expected requirement is x
is positive right in the offset tab of the VFX

This is something we can no longer change, it would break all VFXs that have
been released and use an offset on X.

Thanks - we can close this.