VFX loading distance

Hi, I have a smoke effect attached to a simobject that disappears from view
sooner than I’d like. I’ve tried to "trick " the sim via a large mesh
simobject to ensure it is using a large screen size %. Also, I’ve set the
emission distance in the VFX Editor to a very large distance, much larger than
required. The end result that I am trying to achieve is having the large smoke
plume loaded in view from a large distance away (20+ miles). Has anyone
figured out if the sim is capable of this? Thanks!

Hello @southoakco Are you testing this effect on
AI SimObject or your own aicraft? You can spawn this effect on the user
aircraft in the editor to see if the behavior is any different. Can you use
the Debug LODs tool to display the active LOD and check when the effect is
disappearing? Also, can you use the Sim Object debug tool to display the
bounding sphere and make sure it matches your expectations? Regards, Sylvain

When testing the effect via spawing it on my aircraft through the developer
mode, it works great and never disappears, regardless of how far away I pan
the camera. If I test the effect via attaching it to a simobject (a very large
cube created in blender) and compiling the package, it disappears at the same
time the simobject disappears (expected). Is it possible to have the effect
stay loaded, even if the simobject disappears because if being too far away
from it? Or better yet, can I spawn the effect in the game through a method
other than attaching it to a simobject?

You can place effects using the VFX Object available in the Scenery Editor

That worked! Thanks!

That does work, and it appears to have a longer viewing distance than
attaching it to a simobject. However, I no longer have the functionality of
the VFX being subject to RPN scripts that a simobject can do. Is there a way
to apply RPN code to a VFX without attaching it to a simobject?

Akaif no, The vfx editor has a node to retrieve a Simvar value, but I find no
way to add logic statement or comparators

Thanks. I may be able to implement the simvar node to accomplish the same
task. I’ll report back if I have success.