VFX Multiple Emitters

Hi, Following the SDK documentation, I have been unable to successfully create
an effect that has multiple emitters. When I add an additional emitter, I am
only able to see the particles being emitted from the first emitter. Please
see the attached screenshot for my Node Graph. Can someone provide some
insight into whether I am missing something, or if this is an error in the VFX

right emitter is disconnected from update and output

Ah, yes good catch. Unfortunately didn’t fix the issue. I uploaded that
screenshot mistakenly before attaching the node. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Hello @southoakco We tried spawning this effect but didn’t encounter any issue
and both emitters were spawning particles. If you are having the problem 100%
of the time, please provide us with your package sources so we can see if we
do something any different. Also, be aware the active pause will stop the VFX
evaluation so it could be an explanation. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Thanks for the response. I will try again with a clean package!

Something else I noticed lately, duplicating the blocks result in non working
effect (maybe their guid are duplicated too? Didn’t check) Fresh blocks works