Visual effects, Fire moves

The fire effect moves out of place when moving the camera, I hope it has a
solution, otherwise there is no point in doing it.

Confirm the behaviour The fire is obtained via a quad type particle,.atlas
texture type and an AtlasPlayer Looks like the particle is rendered as a
plane, with its center offset from the vfx spawn point When changing the
camera angle, the plane is rotated trying to face the user, which is fine ,
but because of the offset from the center, a rotation around the center can be

If just as you say mamu, I imagined that it is displaced from the center point
and that happens. What a pity, well I will have to use only the smoke effect.
Thanks mamu, you always know everything.

@GentleLynx seems like you are the VFX expert, any hints about this? Do you
need some sample ?

the new QuadOrientationType has solved this issue

@Nocturne dunno when this was introduced, docu doesn’t have this option in it

This was documented for the final SU14 release: Output