Visual Effects on static simobjects or scenery objects

Hi. I was wondering if, with the new visual effects editor it is possible to
attach effects to static sim objects or scenery objects already? I mean I have
the effect ready. I have static SimObject that works just fine, but I am
unable to make them work both, together. What is weird, is that when I put my
scenery with these static sim objects into the sim they can be seen but
without effects. Now when I open my project and go to Visual Effects Editor
and click the effect I’ve used for them on the effects list it triggers all
objects at once. Without using Inspector and spawner. It just appears and
works as intended, but only in the editor. It looks like there is no trigger
for static sim objects in-game. Is it not implemented yet, or am I stupid as
usual and missed something. Code for effect condition is 1 0 > so it should
trigger every time.

Hi PuffinFlight, Did you build your package after editing the xml files? If
not, you can witness a difference in the behaviour when opening the effect
with the VisualEffectEditor.

I support the theme of visual effects. In particular, I wonder if it is
possible, for example, to attach smoke effects to chemical plants? After all,
it would give realism to the flights.

I did. The effect works, but it’s not being triggered by the sim. Only when I
select that effect in the editor window it triggers all my simobjects to emit
it. As I said before. Not by inspector and spawner, just by selecting it on
the list. Like it’s not loaded in memory and when I select it’s being loaded
and my simobjects suddenly remember that they should emit it.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Attach smoke effect to hundreds of
chimneys that I add with my mod. I’m close. I just need to somehow trigger
these effects.

And red obstacle lights on the top of the buildings. So far I could not find
solution for this.

Hi Puffin, Ok then I would need a sample project so I can reproduce this issue
and identify what’s happening. Can you provide me with a scenery/fx package
causing your issue please ? Regards, Sylvain

I’ll try to prepare one in the evening as it is currently part of a project
with 300.000 objects :wink: Thank you for your support.

Here is the project: I’ve put test scenery at
EPJG. There is one scenery object (a big chimney). On top of it is a SimObject
that has no model and has an effect attached. The small chimney is a SimObject
with an effect attached to it. When you use it as scenery everything shows up,
but without effects. Open the project, open the effects editor, and just
select the effect name on the list. It doesn’t even need to be this project
and this effect. Oh and the effect on SO without model shows up only when the
camera is close to it. Thanks again for the help.

Hi Puffin, Thank you for the sample. I will look into it and come back to you
when I identify the issue. Regards, Sylvain

Hello Puffin, We suggest you try adding an intermediate directory with your
company name for the output path of your VFX asset group inside your package
in the inspector of the project editor. It should look something like this:

This will allow the game to
properly identify your asset group and load the VFXs it contains. It should
also prevent name collision with other packages that could overwrite each
other. Ideally this will be done automatically by the devmode tools in the
future to avoid easy mistakes like this. Regards, Matthieu

My last message didn’t pass. Maybe because of video. I just wanted to thank
you very very much for your help. It works as intended, and I’ve managed to
add smoke effects to my chimneys. I had a unique directory name but the folder
structure was wrong. There are some other issues, but as they’re most likely
bugs not connected with effects, I will post them in a different place. Once
again thank you and have a great day.

Thank you so so much for that. It worked. I had a unique folder name in my mod
but the structure was wrong apparently. Now everything works as intended. Here
it is in action :wink:

Hey Puffin ! Thanks for your feedback on this issue, we hope you have a great
experience playing the sim :slight_smile: Regards, Matthieu

Hi PuffinFlight, How did you manage to attach the visualeffect smoke to the
simobject? Did you find any tutorial ? I try to find my “test cube simobject”
but I coulldn’t find it in the SimObjects list of the spawn windows… (As my
cube is showing correctly in my scene/simObjects If you have any good doc
about that ? I’m little tired to try reverse enginering since since few days…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Wow it looks really cool on your video! Thanks for using the VFX tool and
sharing with us ! :smiley:

Hello luicid ! A new page has just been pushed to the documentation to explain
how to attach your visual effects to SimObjects:
. If it says “Coming in a future update” try to view it in incognito mode or
completely clear your browser’s cache. Is the spawn window you are referring
to the spawner tab from the Template/Instances debugger window of the VFX
Editor ? How did you instantiate your SimObject into the world exactly ?
Regards, Matthieu

Hi Matthieu, All it’s good, I was abble to add smoke in game in an empty in
blender All works very well Thank you :slight_smile: Have a nice day

Smoke was created inside the sim or 3d software?

Except placement of objects, which is done by my custom system, all smoke
effects were done in the sim in Visual Effects Editor. It’s a great and quite
easy to use tool.