Wingtip / wing-root vortices and Frame Rate

Version: SU - 14

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

Context: Flying any fast fighter jet which displays vortices.

**Bug description:*Since sim update 14 (?.. a few months back) there is severe stuttering on all the fast jets which I have testedf (about 10) when you pull G’s and the wingtip / wing-root vortices are displayed.

For people like me who have optimised their rig to run smoothly at 30 fps, the experience is now now immersion breaking because of the stutters. For folk running at higher frame rates it may not matter at all.

Note that these stutters do NOT occur when I fly a/c which do not have the vortices,

e.g.: Asobo L-39 can fly at 100 feet altitude over water, max speed, pulling 4G with no stutters. This jet does not display vortices.*

**Repro steps:
Load a fast jet which displays wing root and wing tip vortices (e.g. Asobo F/A-18E, DC Designs F-15, DC Designs F-4, Deimos G-39 Griffin, Deimos MiG-29, Deimos Su-57 Felon, IndiaFoxTecho F-35).

Go over a large body of water to eliminate landscape loading stutters.

Fly at 300-400 kts.

Pull 4G +**

288 videos made PRIOR to SU14, showing the effects with no frame rate loss:

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Hello @MiGManFSMuseum

This should be considered a general performance issue and not a SDK/Devmode related issue.
Please report it on Zendesk or on the forums.


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