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It looks like the new World Hub airports are overlapping the new and old parking positions (where they are different) and not removing any old parking positions that have been deleted. Screenshot attached shows KGTF, where I adjusted the positions and names of the main terminal gates (1-5), but the map still shows the old parking positions (wrong names and positions) as well as the newly adjusted ones.

Seems like this is the same issue as discussed here, but with different objects noted. (Extra Painted and/or Taxiway Path lines)

I believe the OP is talking about World Hub airports which have been released to all players (the example was in the first batch), so this appears to be a separate issue.

I can not reproduce the issue. Looking at KGTF on the world map, I don’t see the duplicated parking spots that are visible in the OP’s screenshot. I also checked “my” airfields from the 1st batch: no unexpected parking spots there, either.

@gamer4805, any chance there are leftovers in Community? You might have tested something and forgot that the old package is still lingering around?

Nothing in the community folder but I just reloaded and the problem seems to have fixed itself?!

Do you have GSX installed. GSX does that if the airport is not excluded. GSX will create parking spots based on the original airport data