Incorrect English: "Resume edition"

Version: SU 15 beta -

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Low

Context: Scenery Editor, SDK 0.24.0

Bug description:
When editing an apron, light row, painted hatched area, or painted line, there is a menu option, “Resume edition”. I don’t think that the word “edition” is what the SDK developers intended:

I think that the word they meant to use was “editing”:

So, I think the phrase they are looking for is, “Resume editing”.

If this gets fixed, it will have to be fixed in the documentation, as well:

I’ll repeat the same thing I wrote in my “Subdivise edge” bug report: Yes, this is cosmetic, but again, we may see an influx of new people with the SDK, and this could be confusing. When I first started with the SDK, I had no idea what this option meant.

Repro steps:

  1. Create or open an existing scenery file in the Scenery Editor.
  2. Create an apron, light row, painted hatched area, or painted line.
  3. Click the object so that it is highlighted.
  4. Right-click one of the lines between two of its vertices and look at the menu options.

Expected result:
You have a menu option, “Resume editing”.

Observed result:
You have a menu option, “Resume edition”.


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