Now unable to save project with unlinked parking spaces

This is truly mind boggling. There are multiple cases where there’s no need to
link a parking space to a taxi system. Heliports is the obvious one, but there
are several others. In my own case for my aircraft carrier project I will now
have to create over 200 completely and utterly useless taxi systems. This
means it’s probably 50 or more solid hours of work before I can save the
project. At all. Which probably means I can never modify the project ever
again unless I delete all of the parking. Why does life have to be made so

Sorry to hear about your scenario my friend! I am having a hard time seeing
why you cant just link the spots to a “dummy” taxi path/point loop. Plenty of
tools to do that super quick. I would love to see if I can help but I am
having a hard time understanding the scenario of which you are in. I had some
points and spots unlinked so I was getting the Airport parent error when
saving, I just quickly linked them to a point and that was that. I assume your
scenario is different because it is on an aircraft carrier? Maybe you can show
me a photo of the situation you are in so I can understand. I feel your
frustration! Hope I can help somehow when you share more on here. Cheers.

I will experiment later, but I do wonder whether these changes are put
together by humans or a ruthless AI. They could have made it a ‘strong
suggestion’, but nope. It’s rammed down your throat. Even with your suggestion
of a junk taxi system, which is a good one, that is a minimum of 10-20 hours
before I can save it at all. If it crashes or freezes during that time I have
to start again.

Same thing here. My current project is totally broken by this. Unable to
proceed anything unless I clear those hundreds of errors.

I really hope that Asobo can see to making it so that we can actually save our
projects, even with the errors present. I get the reasoning behind having
everything connected, for AI purposes, but as others have said there are
plenty of use cases where this just doesn’t matter. If for whatever reason it
absolutely needs to be connected, at worse, maybe make it so that the file
just wont compile until everything is fixed, but allow us to save no matter
what. Just going without saving my project yesterday for an hour was nerve
racking enough, I couldn’t imaging spending longer than that. Ideally, this
should just be treated as a warning, and loose parking spots should be
allowed, just as they have in the past.

Another beauty. I’m getting the message ‘no short hold short in less than 200m
of the runway’ and it’s making perfectly valid and complete taxi paths an
error too, even if they’re a bit compact.

Did any actual humans check

All this “no need for a parking spot connected” issus are related by using
airports as a workaround for some other projects. A parking spot is used for
user planes as well as for AI airplanes, as a result it MUST be connect to the
parking system. And from the AI point of View I am happy this issue is now
resolved. For Heliports: Helis are not offcial supported yet, so no wonder
ASOBO has not added fully support for helipads yet. → Workaround as in FSX:
Create a airport with a very short runway, connect it via a taxiway network to
the spots

“All this “no need for a parking spot connected” issus are related by using
airports as a workaround for some other projects.” Check the above photo.
That’s a valid taxi system, albeit a short one as thousands of airfields are
around the world. It don’t work.

Check that your normal points are all connected properly. You cant lay one
over the other anymore, you need to select the two disconnected points, right
click and hit merge.

my answer was related to the original issue of the parking spots and not your
hold short issue. Which is a completly different issue compared to the parking
spots. Have you checked if the orientiation of your hold short node is

Hello Gentlemen, Sorry to bring bad news, but as Supersud describes, EVEN if
you parkingpositions, Fuel and Veichles sports are propper connected to
taxiway and runways, you get the error message (not connected to the main
graph) It think it has someting to do with the size of an airport, and right
now im stucekd with a very large project, not able to save or solve the issue,
the message just repeats.

Same here… Very frustrating!

Yes. It’s fine, it’s just not a normal airport arrangement. And it does relate
to this as 36 hours ago it would have worked and built fine. Anyway, let’s
hope they change these errors to warnings.

You can temporarily fix your project by just creating a two points taxiway and
connecting your parking to it. Of course, when you will need to draw all taxi
routes you should connect them properly. I can use just one parking for the
dev process.

@NorthernSkyStudio can you further explain this or show a picture of what you
mean. Newbie at this…

This is not actual. This is already been fixed in SDK.