Weird fspackage tool error (The game has crashed)

When building a very simple scenery using the fspackage tool (SDK versions 22.0 and 22.1), at the end of the run, pressing any key, an error popup is shown with the text “The game has crashed Error code (0x)”.

The windows log does not show anything, and the package gets build.

Maybe related, when I build from within the sim all seems well until I close it. It sometimes will take several minutes to close the app after the game window closes (as seen on task manager), the CPU usage goes to 100 percent…

Hello @cgbflight ,

I sometimes use the fspackagetool from the SDK to build packages outside of the sim. Since I have the MS Store version of MSFS, this also happens to me.

After pressing the any key in the fspackagetool when a package built correctly in my case, this message pops up from the Xbox’s splash screen. I am not sure how I can explain about it, I think it loads up the Xbox services in the background and all that before actually calling the sim’s executable, but I see this error is kinda normal. You just dismiss the message and the fspackagetool and the sim’s processes unload without issue.

As long as the fspackagetool does not get stuck and performs the build operation as it should, there’s nothing to be worried about then. You just restart the simulation normally once you have copied the built package into the Community folder for testing, and you are then ready to go.

Now, if the simulation does not normally run (i.e., not running it from the fspackagetool but from the usual game’s shortcut), then it might not be a good signal, and then it should be reported immediately.

I share you my experience, but I am not sure if it is your case.

Kind regards,

Carlos Daniel González Gómez
CEO & Lead Developer
NextGen Simulations

Hello @cdgonzalezgo @cgbflight

Is this an issue you have with SU13 flighting build, SU12/AAU2 build or both?

We encountered similar issues in the past with the MS Store launcher interfering with fspackagetool.exe
FSPackageTool no longer operating outside of sim after SU9 patch - Questions & Community Discussions - MSFS DevSupport (

Also, can you please follow section 2 of these guildelines so we can see if the game actually crashes and a dump file is generated?
How to report a bug or crash - Bug Reports - MSFS DevSupport (


Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for the quick reply.

As mentioned in my original post there´s NO actual crash (windows event logs show nothing), just a freeze of the terminal window while the popup is not clicked away.

I´m on the SU13 flighting and just recently came back to scenery development, so not sure if this was happening with previous builds.

To me personally it´s just an additional click (the package builds normally) but I can imagine it can become really annoying if the package tool is used within some automated workflow.

Regarding the previous issue from the past, the test package I´m using has no spaces in filenames or other oddities.


Hello Sylvain (@FlyingRaccoon),

Thank you for your reply.

On my side I have no crash either when building packages using the fspackagetool, just a “silly” error message on the Xbox splash screen, from the MS Store version of the sim that appears after pressing the any key. Regardless of the package build result, it does not crash but just shows the error of the game not correctly initialized.

In fact, when I got the package built successfully message, it actually compiled the package as if I were compiling it from the sim’s DevMode.

If I were using the Steam version, I do not think this additional message appear. However, if you guys can make the Xbox splash screen not appearing when using the fspackagetool, so that it does not cause confusions for others using that same tool, it would be nice.


Carlos Daniel González Gómez
CEO & Lead Developer
NextGen Simulations

I also had this kind of error when I compile my scenario (and the way I prefer) outside the sim.
I am currently in Sim Beta (PC/MS_Store version) with SDK version 0.22.1
I tried to screenshot the error message attached below.

It should be noted that this error message was introduced after an Xbox App update.

Anyway, now my XBox app is 2309.1001.3 and,
Game Services ver. 13.80.17003.0

I resolved the issue by setting in the Properties /Compatibility /Settings of:
:\MSFS SDK\Tools\bin\ fspackagetool.exe
like “Run this program as administrator”


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